We pride ourselves on carefully considering your individual requirements

Dyer and Scott have over 50 years' experience of producing great quality spectacles for their customers.

Every one of our customers is different so our qualified Dispensing Opticians pride themselves on carefully considering your individual requirements and preferences to provide you with a unique solution for your vision taking full advantage of the latest technology in lens and frame design.


We have a great choice of frames which are personally selected by our dispensing team from many of the world’s top manufacturers and designers. Whether it is high fashion, traditional or budget frames we are always looking for great design, good quality and value for money.

Being independent means we can select frames from a wide choice of manufacturers. We stock a large range of frames including major brands such as Prada, Versace, Ray Ban. We also specialise in rimless glasses including the extensive range of Silhouette Frames. Silhouette are renowned for their timeless design and their incomparable style and comfort.

Feel free to come and browse our frame collection any time without obligation.


Our qualified Dispensing Opticians will advise you on the best lenses for your requirements taking into consideration your prescription, visual, lifestyle and vocational needs.

As an independent optician we have access to lenses from any of the major suppliers such as Nikon, Rodenstock, Essilor and Zeiss and can therefore have the widest choice of lenses to suit you.

Most lenses can be supplied in a wide range of different materials which can reduce weight and thickness or improve impact resistance for greater safety. Coatings can be added to reduce glare and improve scratch resistance.

For sun protection the majority of lenses are also available in a photochromic option which darkens automatically in sunlight or polarised and tinted lenses for prescription sunglasses.

Recent advances in lens design and manufacture mean that we can now offer unique individually designed lenses created to suit your vision needs exclusively.

Using unique measurements of your face and chosen frame, each bespoke lens is personalised to your requirements.

Available in both varifocal and single vision, Rodenstock Impression lenses offer you the widest field of vision to see things quickly and easily, superb colour contrast and clarity, and lenses that provide natural vision with all day comfort.

Sport Spectacles

Sports spectacles should be an essential part of your sports kit. Whatever your sport come and discuss it with us and we can advise you on the best solution for your safety, comfort and protection.

We can supply prescription eyewear for many sports including running, swimming, cycling, golf, racquet sports, sailing, skiing and snowboarding, cricket, diving and fishing.

Whether you are a dedicated professional athlete or an enthusiastic amateur, adult or child, the right sports eyewear, well fitted with the correct lenses will enhance your enjoyment of your sport.

We have sports eyewear solutions from Adidas, Oakley, Bolle, Aquasphere and many others.

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